Yaad & Abroad – US Edition: The DMV

Jamaicans, like most other West Indians (is that still a politically correct term?) are ambitious and hardworking individuals. They own many of the businesses we frequent and contribute to the local economy utilizing creativity and expertise. Most of the businesses involve some sort of food service or food preparation as Jamaican cuisine is popular worldwide.

Seeking out the Jamaican footprint in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia territories (the DMV) led us to countless restaurants throughout the area. While we have frequented many, we have not frequented all. Some are made with the expatriate in mind, some with the foreigner; this translates into food that is fresh (meaning it lacks the normal spicy intensity that locals would be used to.

From Golden Krust, to Spicy n’ Nice, to Montego Bay, to Island Quizine to Negril et al, the Jamaican footprint in the DMV is peppered with provisions for the curious traveler and the hungry belly.

Collaboration is the key to many successes across communities, and the lovely people who run DC’s Caribbean Connection have compiled an exhaustive list of events in the area to keep people connected. Dancehall Thursdays, Reggae Fridays, and Soca on Sundays are just a few footprints being left by Jamaicans and their descendants in this Mid-Atlantic region.

To link up with organizations that are JA-focused, visit Jamaican Nationals Association, Inc, or if in need of greater support, assistance, or guidance, visit the embassy in the nation’s capital.

Alternatively, create your own footprint simply by trodding on.


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