Dudsymil’s Come Here

A mi Dudsymil mus a talk to cause when mi hear dis chune yah, mi certainly gi mi full attention to him.

When I heard Dudsymil channeled his inner-Ed Sheeran on his latest track, I was ex-tra-cited as I love Love LOVE Ed Sheeran’s Kiss Me, which Come Here can be heard giving homage to.

I couldn’t even pay attention to the Debbie Deer-directed video sake a mi an mi ‘air lighta.’ I was struck not only by the sly come hither lyrics, but the whole relaxed and romantic vibe of the song and video, which should definitely translate into a warm reception by international audiences; and Ed Sheeran is the type to invite you on stage with him for a soulful rendition. Do I hear a 2014 collaboration?

I don’t usually do reviews, I just present the product. But there isn’t a song by Ed Sheeran I don’t like, and it may be the same with Dudsymil.

Looking for your live performance Dudsymil. You’re calling and we’re coming.


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