Demarco Channels His Inner-Kartel for “Ride” Video

M for Mature

Demarco is excelling at creating buzz around his work with his latest video for the track “Ride.” With lyrics like…

Gyal yu pu**y good, a that mi seh
Mi love it when yu flick it and yu dash it weh
Balance pon yu head and then yu kotch it yeh
The way yu suck mi c**key gyal mi haffi seh
Mi would a carry yu go a mi yard and lock yu weh
Only let yu out pon a Saturday
Gyal yu pu**y good, mi and you haffi deh
Freaky gyal yu meck mi happy yea

…you weren’t expecting a mid-week church revival scene, were you? No sah!

It looks like the “Ride” deejay has channeled his inner-Kartel and kicked off 2014 with a most scandalous bang.

Some viewers can’t seem to discern if this is a true music video or if TeamDemarco leaked a sex tape with the track overlay where he and 2 masked women are engaged in coitus. (Sorry, just finished watching “Big Bang Theory” and that’s how Sheldon talks about Penny and Leonard.) They were sexing in a threesome. And not just any threesome, a twosome between the females with intermittent, non-sexy interruptions by Demarco.

The balance between innuendo and explicitness is carelessly managed, but I think that was intentional. For the most part, close up booty and spread-leg shots are woven with shots of Demarco laying underneath a female ‘riding’ and shots of the females performing [simulated or real, we don’t know] oral sex on each other.

Music video? I don’t know. Pro-gay video? Perhaps. Sex tape? Hell yeah. The problem with shock-art is that once you get people’s attention, you have to maintain it. This can’t hold me.

The jury is still out on whether this video is an epic fail or something of great artistic value. Maybe Demarco was giving homage to Andy Warhol’s 1969 flick “Blue Movie.” Who knows? However, Demarco should be commended on at least trying to do something different, although it is not really that different; and for at least showing support for the often ostracized lesbian, gay, and bisexual community that call Jamaica home.

Have you seen the video? Is it slack, whack, or shot? Sound off in the comments.


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