Happy Reggae Month!!!


Midnight marks the beginning of a very rock-steady time of year – REGGAE MONTH!

Reggae Month was launched in 2008 to highlight reggae music’s contribution to Jamaican culture and economy. Lasting a mere 28 days, Reggae Month will be the impetus for countless events including festivals, concerts, and award ceremonies in the buxom bosom of reggae music – Kingston, JA.

If you’ll be in Kingston this month, or the surrounding area, avail yourself to the countless events and festivities headed by JaRIA that includes stage shows every Wednesday, an awards ceremony at the Courtleigh Auditorium on the 15th, and a tribute to Dennis Brown on the 23rd at the Kingston Waterfront.


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For more info, hit up the kind people at JaRIA.


Since reggae has blossomed into a worldwide passion defying language and transgressing boundaries, we decided to honour Reggae Month and join in on the international merriment.

RM Twitter

Join us on Twitter @sunnydMEtv or follow the hashtag #reggaetrivia every Thursday in February from 7p – 730p Eastern for a half hour of reggae trivia where you get to show off your reggae knowledge.

Join us on Twitter @sunnydMEtv or follow the hashtag #reggaebingo every Friday in February from 8p – 830p Eastern to play reggae bingo. Everyone is welcome and eligible. Winners will receive an iTunes gift card valued at $10 – $25USD. Stay tuned for official reggae bingo rules which will be posted along with reggae bingo cards every Friday in February.

We’re looking forward to the next 28 Days of Reggae to celebrate reggae music and its culture. After all, reggae is more than a musical genre – it is a movement.

Happy Reggae Month!


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