28 Days of Reggae – Bob Marley

Bob Marley_BD

Today would have been Bob Marley’s 69th birthday, but the young pioneer – and subsequent face of not only reggae music, but brand Jamaica – left our earth at the tender age of 36 in 1981.

While the former Wailers front man and singer-songwriter captured the hearts of many, it wasn’t until his later years that he began to receive worldwide recognition; today he’s an icon.

Marley started walking his early musical road with producer Coxsone Dodd, but subsequently switched traveling companions to Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in the 70s, eventually releasing “Exodus” in the late 70s. However, his music wasn’t mere performance, it was expression and evangelism of his Rastafarian faith.

There is no end to the number of documentaries, rockumentaries, and films devoted to Marley and his musical life. More than a face smoking herb on posters worldwide, Marley was a pan-Africanist and revolutionary who sought to bring peace. Loved worldwide with statues erected in his honour from Ocho Rios to Serbia, Marley became more than a musician; he became a standard for reggae music and revolutionary musicians around the globe.

Fave track? – Studio version of Pimper’s Paradise, the story just lingers in the bass line long after the words are done.


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