28 Days of Reggae: Reggae on Film – The Story of Lover’s Rock

Story of Lovers Rock

Valentine’s Day is drawing near, and there’s no better way to prepare for the end of the work week than with a little money, a little time with your honey, and a little lover’s rock. This is especially true if you’re snowed in somewhere in North America, which brings us to this week’s pick for Reggae on Film.

Before watching this rockumentary on lover’s rock, I had no idea this particular sub-genre of reggae originated in Britain.  I guess I met my quota for “learning something new every day.”

*Pats self on head*

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, VivaVerve succinctly says this of Menelik Shabazz’s piece on what has otherwise been known as ‘romantic reggae’:

 “The Story of Lover’s Rock combines comedy, live performance, interviews and archive footage to shed light on the music and the generation that embraced it. Contributors to the documentary include UB40; Maxi Priest; Levi Roots; Linton Kwesi Johnson; comedians Angie Le Mar, Robbie G and Eddie Nestor, alongside new artists such as Ava Leigh and Lovella Ellis.

Lover’s Rock was the feel good music at parties and clubs that brought intimacy for young people in the ‘70s and ‘80s. The music allowed them to experience intimacy and healing through a dance known as “scrubbing”. They identified with the music as it spoke to their notions of romantic love and formed a coping mechanism for what they were experiencing on the streets.”

I saw this recently on the Africa Channel, a Brit-owned outlet, and it was like watching the not-so elder elders talk about the good old days. Funny, informative, a treasure for reggae music lovers and lovers in general, and a great prelude to Valentine’s Day.


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