Dear Jesus, Its Way Too Early

I’m back from PAFF (Pan African Film Festival) though PAFF hasn’t concluded yet. *Cue sad violin music*

While in sunny SoCal, I found myself up way too early, at the asscrack of dawn in a chilly LA hotel room waiting for my PAFF itinerary to begin, while my body was still trying to recalculate its circadian rhythm from East to West coast time. Mi cyan sleep!

Since I’d been a wee bit lax on the entertainment news and blossoming Jamaican talent features this month, I thought this was a good time to get caught up. I check my social media outlets, and I come across a link for a Brit-Jamaican web series that’s going into its 3rd season, but I’ve yet to see the first season. So I click the link and BAM – I ARE HOOKED!

“Dear Jesus” was not only what I exclaimed throughout Season 1, its also the name of the award-winning web series from the beautiful mind of Danielle Scott-Haughton I so accidentally discovered.

As pilots go, they’re just to get you started on the journey, and this one certainly got both my eyes watching.

“I jumped for my miracle. What kind of miracle is this? I want a refund.”

Season 1 was enjoyable and generally relatable. I’m fully awake now and on to Season 2.

When Alexis was first introduced I was like, damn she’s a bit extra sugar added. What the hell is all that aggression for?

“I’m a bitch, but I’m a bitch that can clearly count.”


But as the episodes wore on, Alexis had me at “hammer.”

With some cast changes and a few new additions, TeamDearJesus keeps the series fresh and interesting, with believable story-lines and skilled actors. Samantha Earle is doing for the role of Alexis what Jim Parsons did for Sheldon Cooper. I guess TeamWonderLondonFilms agrees as Alexis now has her own spin-off.

Between Dear Jesus and Church Antics, who both have active campaigns on IndieGoGo to fund subsequent seasons, I may never watch real TV again, except to pree Big Bang Theory, of course. #Bazinga



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