28 Days of Reggae: Reggae on Film – One Love

one loveFrom Dancehall Queen to One Love, I had to ask, Tanya, is that you?! Mi neva know she yu voice sound suh nice. Well, if you’re still punch drunk in love following this past mid-Reggae Month-Valentine’s weekend, then this movie is for you.

A Christian girl, a Rastaman, and reggae music.

Another great offering by the late, great Trevor Rhone, One Love is the quintessential reggae romance between two young hearts forbidden by society and religion to unite. Naturally, it is the sweet reggae music that brings them together as a sort of abstract, yet compelling Cupid. Woven in to this reggae rom-com is a cunning story of deceit and power struggle within the music business. The film co-stars Kingston Paradise’s Christopher “Johnny” Daley and veteran actor Carl Bradshaw, whose recent performance also screened at this year’s Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, California.

Released in 2003, the stars of this classic love story have gone on in an interestingly diverse way.


Ky-mani Marley, of the Royal Reggae Family, continues adding to his vastly versatile catalog of music with crossing rap and reggae boundaries. His album Evolution of a Revolution is available now. He is also slated to reprise his role as Biggs in the forthcoming Shottas 2.


Cherine Anderson followed up her role as Idris Elba’s fiancée by launching her solo singing career with her EP’s 2009 release. Can we say she will be the next winner on NBC’s The Voice?


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