Gaza STANS Petition Obama Administration for Kartel Retrial, Petition Removed

Vybz Kartel supporters have put the “FAN” in fanatic.

A little more than 24 hours after it was created by “S.L.” from Orange, New Jersey, a petition demanding  a retrial in the recently decided Kartel trial garnered 765 of the 100, 000 needed for presidential response. It has also been removed for what site administrators call a violation of the Terms of Participation.


I don’t recall seeing this much outcry when Buju was detained and eventually found guilty, and I doubt I’ll see it for Flippa Mafia.

However, I do have a question – why is the Obama Administration being petitioned for matters that do not relate to US economic interests? Wouldn’t it have yielded a more promising outcome to petition Portia Simpson-Miller instead? I know that constitutes two questions, but whatever.

If the Administration isn’t looking for the missing Malaysian plane that was carrying among its passengers American citizens, why would it give ear to this prayer? C’mon TeamGaza, get it together. It would appear that you have bigger fish to fry, like the Chinese coming in and taking over Goat Islands, polluting fresh Jamaican air with coal, etc.

The Peanut Gallery commentary following the verdict of the Kartel Trial has been amazingly interesting and perplexing to say the least. This isn’t about ‘Babylon’ trying to ‘hold down ghetto youths’ as much as it is about individuals-turned-artists and their continued criminality. I haven’t heard much about that sensation that remains a constant within the music industry, dancehall included. I’m sure the petition will be revised and revived and Kartel Stans will continue to make noise for their beloved ‘Godfather,’ but rest assured it will be without US involvement. #WasteofTime



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