Future Hit Alert: Mark Balet Delivers the Heart and the Soul of Reggae Music

Mark Balet2Big up to the team whe a put out pure music an lef out di bagga antics!

Contemporary “love songs” generally rehearse familiar bedroom lyrics to familiar bedroom beats, but this track is different.

First, the opening guitar pulls back the left curtain. Then, the voice pulls back the right curtain, and suddenly the magnum opus that is Love of a Father invites you on a rootsy-bluesy-uplifting-mellow-reggae ride. Typically classified as reggae fusion, Love of a Father transcends the usual reggae fusion hybrid genre with a lyrically righteous foundation. And that voice! Think a raspy, Sam Cooke-Jah Cure blend – strong, honest, and soulful.

Mark Balet’s musical offering is a duet – his voice and that guitar – that is more than simply singing words into a mic; it is a love song of the highest order that Mark & Co. deliver straight from the heart. Hearing it on the radio would not give it justice, but don’t let that stop you from requesting it of your local DJ. Listening through those tiny ear buds would not give you the full scope of the song, but don’t let that deter you from downloading from iTunes.  Love of a Father quietly demands to be heard live, in some eclectic open-air venue wid pure lighta a light up di sky. Now the track is not new, but it was just sent to me, I won’t say by who – thanks Mark! But that should only serve as a testament to the true musicianship of TeamMarkBalet ‘cause we all know that true music can withstand all tests of time.

Alright, enough pontificating, World Cup a gwaan – go pree di ting fi yuhself and keep your ears open for the new LP, Born to Love, that drops this summer.

Are you a fan of the song? Sound off in the comments below, and remember, the more art you support, the less room there will be for the antics of the young & talentless.


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